Our culture

We are fully committed to ensuring that the principles of sustainability are embedded within our culture; at Bramber we:

  • have reduced the energy bills at our offices
  • hold regular contractor training days on sustainability for all our operatives and supply chain
  • recycle paper, plastic and aluminium at our offices and on-site building and green waste
  • use water butts for planted areas on all our own developments
  • encourage staff to cycle to work
  • purchase only fair-trade tea/coffee
  • donate all our old PCs to local charities

Horsham Green Deal
Renewable energy
Specialists in refurbishment of existing properties

Existing buildings

We understand the importance of the fabric first approach; our training days have trained our teams to ensure that every repair, improvement of project undertaken to an existing building is done so with care – we recognise that we are changing the fabric of the building.

We continue to work with a respected local housing provider on a 10-year kitchen and bathroom contract ensuring we take the opportunity to carry out positive additional fabric improvements when refurbishments are undertaken.

New homes and buildings

As well as exceeding the u-values required by building regulations, wherever possible on our own projects, we will source development opportunities on brownfield sites i.e. land that has been previously built upon including derelict sites and buildings.

Moving forward Bramber will continue to:

  • develop all sites to the highest density that is considered appropriate for the site
  • provide appropriate amenity space, combined with good design
  • maximise the use of brownfield sites

When working with our clients, we will ensure that buildings are built to the highest standards. Our attention to detail and our understanding of the fabric first approach, will enable every new building to minimise its carbon emissions, wherever possible.

Manor Farm, new development - Surrey
Energy efficient construction techniques
Construction in all aspects of the community


We are committed to supporting the local communities where we work, and this includes a wide range of activities from community investment through to local training initiatives. Detailed below are some of our initiatives, which we believe support and promote sustainable communities:

  • Local labour: wherever possible, we use a local supply chain (unless it is specialised)
  • Local procurement: we are committed to using local suppliers
  • Community development: we support local community initiatives for our affordable housing clients
  • Community safety: all our new build developments are built to secure by design standards
  • Sports opportunities: we support Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club in their community activities